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Digital Human Trade : Made In Uyghur

This project is a wake-up call to the present and future of human rights issues that are being repeated with the advent of the meta verse world. As the earthly economy saturates and humanity begins to focus on the meta verse, there are still issues that are neglected in the real world. It is the forced labor in the Uyghur region, which can be called human trade. While ignoring such issues, people are repeating the same history in the meta verse world, where the legal system has not yet been established. we have a sense of crisis when we seeing digital humans are treated like things, circulating in the marketplace at prices that are not even like human.

Therefore, we have gathered the image data of "Uyghurs" who actually exist. Based on the data which is from "Uyghurs" who were abducted, we will generate 100 "digital humans" and distribute them in the meta verse market. On July 30, "World Day Against Trafficking in Persons", sales will start in the open sea at "25$/person/month".

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Jun 2022
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