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DieHardBirdie Esports NFT Collectibles

DieHardBirdie is the World's Oldest Esports Champion for CS:GO (Counter-strike: Global Offensive). And this is his first NFT! Now on Opensea.

DieHardBirdie is 78 years old and has been an artist himself most of his life. Metal, stone, paper sculptures celebrated his creativity until 5 years ago when he started playing #csgo with his teammates who are all over the age of 65. His team Silver Snipers demolished the opponent in the world arena and broke the stereotype. He was calm, cool, collected all throughout the championship. Grace under pressure. His superpower is staying cool. His monicker Birdie for many decades is a testament to his gift of uncannily mimicking bird sounds. Using a leaf or plastic sheet, he can create bird calls of the many species flourishing in his native Sweden whose flag they raised during the esports championship. DieHardBirdie is Grandpa Extraordinaire. Now that he is building his new team of veteran gamers, he keeps adding to his cool-o-meter.

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Jun 2021
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