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5,366 Metaverse compatible 3D DickButts; each with their own open-source mobile friendly usdz alternate reality file.

Simply download the file in the Opensea description link to your apple or android phone, and put your favorite dickbuttverse fren on display in your current surroundings using Alternate Reality (AR)

Have it twerk at your place of work; jiggle its bits on the pool at the Ritz; boner bash on your bangers and mash; go Rambo in your lambo; drop mean peen on a vending machine; throw a dick display on your thicc bae, and more. DBV is single and ready to mingle the tingle pringle.

Your dickbutt can also travel through various metaverses, current and future, showing the people who is the cock of the walk and telling the virtual world "I'm a degen God damnit, and I will not be ignored. Gaze upon my glistening dickbutt and bask in it's glory; as it is the eternal meme that was around long before man and will survive long after the sun consumes this earth"

Jun 2022
Creator earnings
  • Skin: Zombie