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Dfine NFTs consist of 10 different categories of NFTs with varying mining power capabilities in the Dalecoin Finance ecosystem. If you hold any NFT. Then you will have the opportunity to Mine the platforms Governance token called DGOVn token. Only 5000 DGOVn tokens will ever exist and NFT holders will be able to farm it.

DFINE NFTs will only be available to aquire in opensea for 30 days before the farming of the DGOVn tokens starts. Majority of unclaimed tokens will be burnt in 30days time and then mining DGOVn token starts.

NFT holders will also be able to use the powers given to their NFTs to farm the platform Utility token DFINE.

How to get the NFTs

  1. you can select any item you want and buy directly.

  2. You can make an offer on any amount of item you need eg CITIZENS TREASURE have above 900 item at 0.01 eth per item. If you want just 5 out of the 900 items. click make offer for the amount you want.

  3. You can earn up to 2.5% as an opensea referral

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