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deTH wiSH in Vision Trip

About this collection

deTH wiSH in Vision Trip is the 2nd /ˈdeTH ˌwiSH/ collection by Prof. NOTA which symbolizes when a Vision Pro is used, conscious or not, visible or not, there is always a /ˈdeTH ˌwiSH/ than a wish to have a Vision Pro since adequate food, clothes, and homes are just visions in the third-world.

So, happy /ˈdeTH ˌwiSH/ till next year, third-world people!!!!

0.5% minted4 / 747
deTH wiSH in Vision Trip

/ˈdeTH ˌwiSH/ is part of this spatial computing.

Seamlessly blends with your reality, your real life.

/ˈdeTH ˌwiSH/ happen in our Vision Trip.

deTH wiSH in Vision Trip

Let's join this Vision Trip!

There is will be WHITELISTED addresses that named whiTE wiSH. Prof. NOTA only inviting all holders of NFTs listed below to join the WHITELIST and become the whiTE wiSH.

For Solana, Tezos, and Bitcoin addresses, please join Discord and request to include your Ethereum address in the whitelist. For more info, Discord is the place, code: 5KrsT6MbFm.

Below is the list of the NFTs:

  1. All holders of Anthropophobia Viruses are whitelisted.
  2. All holders of Logo Pabrik Roti are whitelisted.
  3. All holders of The ROTY BROI and OiOi Tokens are whitelisted.
  4. All holders of DEFACE SOL are whitelisted.
  5. All holders of Prof. NOTA Genesis are whitelisted.
  6. All holders of 0 1 0 1 are whitelisted.
  7. All holders of ! IMPROMPTU ! are whitelisted.
  8. All holders of Conserve Roty Broi are whitelisted.
  9. All holders of BANANOW NFTs are whitelisted.
  10. All holders of /ˈdeTH ˌwiSH/ are whitelisted.
  11. All holders of MY RECEIPT of ETH are whitelisted.
  12. All holders of Panthera LEO are whitelisted.
  13. All holders of MY RECEIPT of XTZ are whitelisted.
  14. All holders of Prof. NOTA's Ordinals are whitelisted.
  15. All holders of deTH wiSH in Vision Trip open editions are whitelisted.
  16. Holder of deTH wiSH in Vision Trip on the HeartX marketplace is whitelisted.
  17. All holders of ROTY BROI dETH will be whitelisted after ROTY BROI dETH is released, Ethereum $OiOi FTs is distributed, and if this drop is not yet sold out.


deTH wiSH in Vision Trip

For the sake of third-world countries as part of the spatial computing era, there are no utilities promised.

This is just a response to the Apple Vision Pro that will be released next year at a price of US $3499.

Once again, happy /ˈdeTH ˌwiSH/ till next year, third-world people!!!!