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Design the Future

A collaboration between Yonat Vaks, Blxck Cherry and NFT-V Miami.

Join us as we travel back in time in the search for freedom and liberty. Will crypto and the path to decentralization be the next battle in the quest for freedom?

To read the full story of this series and all the pieces:

  • Each piece is minted as a limited edition of only 10 NFTs.

  • Each NFT includes a high res image of the artwork, in its unlockable content, that can be downloaded for personal use only.

  • One NFT in each edition contains a physical counterpart - either the original oil painting or an Infinite Object display of the animated piece! Can you guess which one it is?

  • The winning NFT will have a code in its unlockable content, viewable after purchase. If you purchase the winning NFT, contact us at

  • To save on gas fees. 2 bundles of all 6 pieces, including a physical will be up for purchase.*

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Oct 2021
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