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DeNations Art Open Edition

CHAINLINKED ART NFT BLOCKS : Art series which share the same theme are issued as DeNations Art NFTs and grouped into one Art Block, only when DeNations Art Committee reaches a consensus.

ART NFT BY TALENTED ARTISTS: Artists focus on producing their art NFTs and recruiting the next talented artist who will be the generator of the next art block without worrying about complicated blockchain technologies. DeNations takes care of technology, marketing and token economy.

ART NFT THAT INCREASES IN VALUE WITH TIME AND LOVE: The value of these DeNations Art NFTs are supported by DeNations' Token Economy (DeFi, Metaverse), and this support is strengthened with time and public love.

MAKE THE METAVERSE MORE ATTRACTIVE: Art NFT can be registered at the national museum in DeNations which increases the DGDP of the nation and earns token profits. Portion of the Art NFT sales is distributed to the nation ownership holder of DeNations.

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Jul 2021
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