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Delusions Deeper Down

by Hulki Okan Tabak, on Foundation, 2023

Delusions Deeper Down is the accomplice, accompaniment, gift bag, extension, long tail and much love of the Delusions Drop on Foundation.

Delusions are like a veil, a thin layer of illusion that separates us from the truth. They wrap us up in a cocoon of make-believe, a world where anything is possible and nothing is quite as it seems. They are the whispers of the wind, the shadows that dance on the walls, the whispers in the dark that tell us things we long to believe. They are the voice of our deepest desires, the dreams that we dare not speak aloud. They are the stuff of magic and mystery, the glittering threads that weave their way through the fabric of our lives. And in their own way, they are a kind of truth, a truth that exists beyond the limits of what we can see and touch and understand.

Jan 2023
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