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Degen Millionaires Club

Degen Millionaires Club is a project which will find you the latest DEX listings before the masses find them!

Imagine finding projects at a super low MC!

This means you can invest in tokens with little capital for serious gains reducing your risk.

Currently, most people find these tokens at $400K - $1M market cap, meaning you need great capital to get significant gains.

But with DMC, you can find them earlier, and instead of investing $1,000, you can invest $50 to realise the same epic gains.

This is all done through our launch dapp. It will find them for you. This is a serious utility as the dapp will have free and paid versions. Holders owning DMC can get discounts on access or even access it for free!

These NFTs give their holders revenue-sharing utility from our dapps. A % of subscriber revenue goes to our NFT holders for this collection, meaning they earn passive income and drive the price of the NFTs up due to supply and passive income potential.

Jan 2023
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