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DeFi Girls

Please note that DeFi Girls NFTs are not available to trade on OpenSea, due to OpenSea's hostility towards creator royalties. As the DeFi Girls DAO funds user yield rewards via NFT sales, we have blocked the sale of our NFTs from the OpenSea Platform. Please consider checking out other creator-friendly platforms to pick up a DeFi Girls NFT!

A collection of 6765 NFTs on Polygon, built to be procedurally generated but retain a bespoke high-quality artistic style. 100% of all royalties are retained by the DeFi Girls DAO, with yield pairs managed under Nova DAO.

Each DeFi Girl NFT acts as an ownership token under the DeFi Girls DAO, permitting access both to our yield pair rewards, and our private discord channels.

Every DeFi Girl is procedurally generated from over 200 lovingly hand-crafted assets across 26 layers, giving rise to quintillions of possible generations.

Dec 2023
Creator earnings