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Death Skullz Club


About this collection

ERC 721

Unique Skulls That Crept Out from The Cell of Hell. These Skulls Are Stored on The Polygon Blockchain. Own One Skull to Make Your Every Halloween Better

10% minted1,000 / 10,000
Terror Comes To You

"Death Skullz Club" is a spine-chilling NFT project that's tailor-made for the Halloween season and beyond. Picture yourself stepping into a haunted crypt where every NFT is a portal to a world of macabre beauty and eerie wonder. Our NFT collection is the ultimate treat for horror enthusiasts, offering a curated selection of digital art pieces inspired by the darker side of art and culture.

The Death Skullz Club is your exclusive invitation to a virtual masquerade ball, where each NFT is a ticket to the realm of ghouls and goblins, mysteries and magic. Our artists have meticulously crafted these NFTs to send shivers down your spine and transport you to a world of supernatural imagination.

Embrace the spirit of Halloween and immerse yourself in the Death Skullz Club's chilling and captivating world. Don't miss your chance to collect these unique, spine-tingling NFTs that perfectly capture the essence of the holiday. This Halloween, dare to enter a realm where the line between the living and the supernatural blurs.

Become Famous With DSC

We are expanding bigger than you ever think. Join us right now by supporting all our work. Our work is worth thousand diamonds. You won't know what is coming next.

Sketched Premium Collection (SPC)

These are the extremely rare pieces of NFTs that will be sold outside of Opensea. In order to get these, you must own at least 3 NFTs.

DSC Clothing

Premium clothing inspired by our NFTs. It consists of different kinds of clothing and also some accessories for your appearance. Coming soon!