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DeanoHewitts Collection

“In a world full of chaos, full of people wanting to prove themselves, and so disconnected, art gives me solace. It’s a place where there is no judgement on mistakes or failures, just the freedom to explore emotions and feelings.”...and have some fun!

A recovering addict, a devoted father, and a passionate artist. I, rather riskily, quit a well-paid job in finance in 2020 to pursue my creativity as an Artist.

I started painting in 2016 as a hobby. I credit this with the start of the unravelling of my living hell and now finding my bliss.

I believe in putting true meaning behind the phrase ‘a picture tells a thousand words.’ I’m following a burning desire to shift the stigma that still surrounds mental well-being and addiction in the world today, without words and without judgment, but through art.

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Apr 2023
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