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David OM

Internationally collected British Artist David OM has been featured in several high profile UK art competition exhibitions including John Moores, Discerning Eye, London's Cork Street, Mall Galleries, TV; Sky Arts and BBC, plus magazine features.

Essentially I am drawn to the power of vastness and the context of the wider picture; the compelling journey from that which is constricted within, to the cusp of the infinite. An existential dialectic may be detected from ruminations on the metaphysical aspects of time and space. I seek to instil a pure sense of wonder in my work intended to guide the viewer to tap into the sublime, celebrating the mental faculty that enables man to be transported by Art. I am particularly fond of a David Lynch quote postulating that the restrictions of the film making process do not apply to the field of painting and that indeed ‘painting is infinite’. The ultimately levelling template of the void is inherent at the core of everything i make.

Oct 2021
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