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Darn Doggie Club 4Veterans MB

(100) Help Spread Support for our military Veterans. Darn Doggie Club takes pride in supporting all military Veterans with this 4Veterans collection of 100 unique NFTs! Our military Veterans deserve recognition and support, during and after their tours of duty, now and forever. We will always remember and grieve for those who have given their lives for the ultimate sacrifice in preserving peace and safety for those left behind. Darn Doggie Club's salute to military Veterans! Take Care and Be Safe! Show your support today. Goal: Spreading military Veteran awareness through NFTs, one NFT at time. Thank you for your support in advance. Also, our 10k Darn Doggie Club 4Veterans collection (no moving background and different 'stuff') can be minted and gas for pennies at and will be automatically posted to OpenSea and Rarible. Check out our website at for direct links and more. Thank you! It's Dawg Good!

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Jun 2022
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