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Runeword Runestones

A 0% Royalties collection of over a BILLION 3D-animated NFTs (ERC-1155 Tokens) minted on October 4th of 2021. Each one was individually designed, modeled, animated, rendered, and manually minted by the musician and NFT artist Tyrone Post (also known as 1C4RU5 [icarus] / @boredape6716).

This collection belongs in EVERY 0xWallet! Share the 2021 Web3 History!

The very affordable price points and the quantity of NFTs are intentionally designed to be as inclusive as possible for the special purposes of onboarding and educating stream viewers, educating them about the differences between fungibility and nonfungibility, and also rewarding subscribers and followers. Bringing new people into the space is an essential mission for all hardworking NFT artists!

Whether you are new to the space, an experienced art collector, or a fellow artist, there is SOMETHING in this collection for YOU.

Mint Passes for "Flowers in the Dark" Collection:

Unique items
Total items
> 1B
Sep 2021
Creator earnings