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Cyber Streets by illkoncept

“Cyber Streets” is a dark 55-image collection that takes the sold-out “Fragments of Gotham” world one step further into a dystopian future. Cyber Streets is heavily influenced by a futuristic perspective of the world inspired by cyberpunk and sci-fi aesthetics. In this fictional world, climate change has lead to mostly gloomy days enveloped in rain. Rapid technological growth along with a rise in megacorporations has created cultural, political, and social upheaval. This resulted in further separation of the class system, producing an increase in crime, corruption, and anti-authoritarian movements.

Protagonists of Cyberpunk culture tend to be outsiders in nature...criminals, dreamers, and outcasts alike. It is a genre based on the classic recipe of high-tech & low-life, infused with noir elements. When I'm out photographing, I'm always looking for ways to show that even though this fabricated reality may seem surreal, it might actually be a lot closer than we think...

Aug 2021
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