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CyberPunkComic Issue 2

CyberPunk Comic is a collection of three comic book editions. The CyberPunk Comic NFT collection contains 194 different richly illustrated front pages that are available for purchase as NFT on the Opensea platform. The total number of NFTs for all three editions is 15779. Each comic edition will be realized in a period of three months: May, September, October. Visit for more info: https://comic.cyberpunkfighte

Description The CyberPunk Comic is art work drawn on paper and colored by hand in a combined technique. It consists of 56 pages and is a true masterpiece of comic book author Boyan Elements of a Story's Plot The world was tormented by many wars and pandemics, it was horrible. Then the great nuclear war happend and the world was at the edge of extinction. People are left to fend for themselves. Those who remained healthy turned to robbery, killing, some for fun, others for paycheck. Anarchy prevailed.

Jul 2022
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  • Rarity: Silver