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Crystallized Illusions

This is an erc-721 bridge of Crystallized Illusions v1 that was minted on Opensea's shared contract. Contact Matto for instructions on bridging from the v1 contract to this one. All bridged tokens receive a bonus 'Endless Cycle' animated edition of the same type of illusion.

Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, Crystallized Illusions is a collection of 99 pieces created through a generative process. Three variations of this process were made to correspond to the categories of illusions as described by Zhiyi (538–597 CE), the fourth patriarch of the T’ien-t’ai (or Tí Taî) Buddhist tradition. Each process was used to created 33 distinct images.

Each image has a complexity attribute that correlates to the final image's scale, and this is denoted in each image's name (1-33). Images in each set grow from 1500 x 1500 pixels to 6300 x 6300 pixels, and they are all consistent with one another (for example, Thought and Desire 7, Innumerable 7, and True Nature 7 all share the same resolution).

Jan 2023
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