Crystalline Cities

Crystalline Cities is an Algorithmic Edition of 20 generative works by Limn.

The resulting works resemble fantastical, etherial, futuristic buildings and cities constructed of manufactured crystals and bio-material.

Edition: Each Unique, 1/1/20 (1 of 1 of 20)
Listing Resolution: 2000px x 3556px
Unlockable File: Instructions to Collector for downloading high resolution file

NOTE: High resolution print-ready 9000px x 16000px at 300dpi (suitable for a 30" x 53", 76cm x 135cm print) file is only be available to the first Collector and not resale Collectors.

  1. Starting with my self-portrait as original source, I establish and tweak custom process filters & parameters until I achieve a pleasing, balanced, and interesting generated output. This is the "Algorithmic" part of the work.
  2. I then generate a fixed number of "Edition" final works to output. In this case 20.
  3. The result is 20 unique works (1 of 1 of 20), originating from the same source material.
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