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Crypto's Mexa Mankind

Get your humans with a hat!

Welcome to a cultural journey through this collection into the crypto world of NFTs in the metaverse

The color combination of this set of assets designed in deep detail to cover the greatest number of tastes of each human state

During this digital journey, you will learn in-depth the background of the concept of this collection feeling proud of your next acquisitions

This NFT collection is based on the Mexican culture, each of its hats which does not distinguish gender, only distinctive of the 32 states that make up the country each one represents a custom that is traced from years to after, by different regional dances for specific festivities of the year or the region.

The Nft's of your choice will have a pet, in some cases a real animal of domestic origin, a representative species of the country, or in special cases with greater mythological rarity and even outside this planet

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