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Crypt0 Sluts

Crypto Sluts is a PFP NFT Art series by Crypto Artist Fullmetal Magdalene." ‘Crypto Slut’ is a self descriptive term as I’m not a maximalist of any crypto but rather I prefer to play with them all." An ongoing series of 1-of-1 characters that are the personification of their favorite cryptocurrency, Crypto Sluts is a celebration of Crypto culture and a reflection of the intense passion coiners have for their favorite projects. Each NFT is hand drawn with a specific creative vision which sets the collection apart from projects that use computer generation to create variations in design. The sales of Crypto Slut NFTs support Fullmetal Magdalene as an independent artist as well as the launch of the brand. It also includes airdrops of future art or other nfts related to the Crypto Slut you hold and ability to nominate and vote on some future Characters.

Oct 2021
Creator earnings