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"#Crypto Pixel Thugs Apes"

Hey Crypto gang , Our first collection , "#Crypto Pixel Thugs Apes " NFT is a collection of ONLY 100 Superrare "#Crypto Pixel Thugs Apes" (1000 x 1000 dimension). This collection is launched on Opensea with the Polygon blockchain, this to give the chance to everyone to get as soon as possible a "#Crypto Pixel Thugs Apes " So once you hold your #Crypto Pixel Thugs Apes #NFT, you will be given the benefits in our next "PLAY2EARN" GAME with access stage and perks and also a voting card in our DAO with your "Crypto Thugs Apes NFT". This will be put in place in Q3 2022. And at least but not least, you will have the right to participate in ou MEGA WINNING LOTTERY with a huge money prize this will happen at the end of each year and it will start in December 2022 for the first time and you will able to participate for free with your "#Crypto Pixel Thugs Apes " So make you a favor and buy one or several "#Crypto Pixel Thugs Apes " now, to be the king of the "#Crypto Pixel Thugs Apes " Gang.

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Feb 2022
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