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Crypto Hottie

Trisha was one heck of a model.

With her signature white hair and definitive cheek bones, she was the top model for the Crypto Hottie NFT Collection for years but she had a problem: she was unpopular with the crowd because of her bad attitude.

Soon, her ratings dropped because Aurora Blake, of the Crypto Blonde Collection, an unassuming beauty from Queens stole the show.

The owner of the collection made a bold move. She introduced Aretha to the Crypto Hottie Collection to have a fighting chance against the competition. Aretha wasn't like Trisha. She was voluptuous, with natural African hair and a face that changed with each look.

She was perfect for the collection!

But Trisha thought otherwise. She now had 2 rivals.

Want more? Be a part of this story by purchasing an NFT and joining the Pixel Fashion Wars!

I'm working on their story blog where each collector (who has purchased or sold an NFT on this collection) will be a part of the story! Join us. It's fun!

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