CryptoFaces by Caedmon

CryptoFaces is a limited release NFT collection with photos and stories of individuals involved in cryptospace. Everyone has a story, not all of which are told. Usually these stories are hidden behind the anonymity of the internet as depicted through our 16-bit & 32-bit imagery. Once again not all stories are shared, so #5 will never be sold. You can view it, but no one will have the opportunity in sharing with others and trading it.

Also, the CryptoFaces BTS (Between The Stories) Collection is a way to take a break from real stories and enjoy a laugh about cryptospace. Hearing and sharing the stories of others is important, but always remember not to take the world too seriously.

Continue to share these stories and reach out on twitter @RealCryptoFaces or at [email protected] if you'd like your story told.

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