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Cryptodira Evol

Welcome to the home of Cryptodira Evol. It has been said a very long time ago, in the age of wisdom, that to allow a Cryptodira Evol into your life brings not only great joy but immense wealth. Luckily for us we live in an age where they resurfaced for a brief moment, so grab one while you can and nurture it. For this act of kindness, your reward will be unmeasurable.

What makes this limited collection of 8984 unique NFTs so totally desirable? It is a brand new collection unlike the others from a couple of rad geeks. One important distinction is that it was designed by our illustrator who has years of graphic design experience. Another distinction is that the other member is a tech dude with years of experience bringing the glue and crypto.

The Cryptodira Evol collection has an evil twin collection that will be surfacing in the near future. Since we at Dead Fvckz have chosen OpenSea to release these NFTs, it only makes sense to have collections of Sea Creatures...

Feb 2022
Creator earnings
  • Scalz: Green scalz