Crypto traders

Founded in 2011, LogOut is nonprofit organisation based in Slovenia (EU) dedicated to improving the lives of child, youth and families by providing treatment, help, information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology.

We've provided help & support to more than 1400 excessive video gamers, compulsive crypto traders, victims of online violence, young streamers and social media influencers who hardly cope with negativitiy and big audance pressure.

In Crypto-traders collection we've colaborated with comics illustrator Izar Lunaček.

A survey conducted among investors, which has a relatively small sample so far, has already shown that 40% of them have FOMO - there is a fear of missed opportunities, 25% trade in funds intended for basic needs and current costs, 15% have, as a consequence of compulsive trading visible in basic needs (sleep, nutrition).

Funds collected will help us deliver critical help and support to children and families.

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