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Crypto Karakuri

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The development team "I N S T A N C E" led by Hanamiya, which was established 20 years ago, developed “Mother-088” a fully self-sustaining breeding program in parallel with the development of “RAKUEN”. K A R A K U R Is, which have the core system of “Mother-088”, activated the regeneration program of Earth which had advanced to the dystopia affected by "蝕 -syoku-", the mysterious phenomenon that causes abnormalities in ecology, having been spread all over the world since the 2020s.

Thereby the human race connected to the previously completed Metaverse “RAKUEN” and succeeded to escape from the threat of "蝕 -syoku-", with leaving several challenges unsolved, while waiting for Earth regeneration.

Since then, K A R A K U R Is have been carrying out Earth regeneration activities as the first ecosystem.

■KARAKURI Story Movie

Oct 2021
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  • Skill: 浮遊 - floating