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What is Crypto Junkies?

Crypto Junkies is a handcrafted Limited NFT Collection created by artist Sascha Salender.

Every crypto junkie is unique and inspired by the deep needs and addictions of modern day people - creeping around to consume any NFT they get their hands on. The Junkies are pursuing a place they can call home in the Metaverse. But land ain't cheap. And so they sell themselves to help their creator become a landlord and give them a place to find peace, create art and do good.

To fulfil this goal they want to give 30% of the total earnings to UNICEF, helping street children all over the world.

Once land is bought there will be ongoing NFT drops and exhibitions to support different charity goals and spread the art of drknss.

You can use your Crypto Junkie as a profile picture or as an avatar in the Metaverse - the NFT holds the original vox file.

Oct 2021
Creator earnings