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Extra Solar Butterfly Family

In this series each of these butterflies comes from a different exoplanet. The butterfly beings symbolize metamorphosis and transmutation of our soul through time and space. After many low points in life I can attest comes hope and beauty.

Inspired by my ancestors, primarily my great grandfather Luis who taught my grandmother Pilar the process of butterfly mounting; which she then passed on to me.

Created in virtual reality using the Gravity Sketch app for the Oculus. The movement is done by hand, and the video is created using the oculus headset as a video camera. As a multi-disciplinary artist, each new discipline and dimension I enter carries within it an essence of all the others I've practiced.

10% of proceeds from this collection's primary sales will be donated to Border Kindness as each sells out. This organization provides asylum-seekers, migrants, and refugees with services that include food, shelter, medical care and legal services along the US/Mexico border.

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