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Create Art Not War by Martin Harman


Create Art Not War is an exclusive series of 10 animated images re-imaged from my ceramic sculptures. Each sculpture was handmade and no piece is the same. All of the images ware uniquely digitally animated by Martin Harman.

This series was created in response to the war in Ukraine 2022. They explore an act of escapism and dreaming of new realities. This world provides the opportunity to live our potential and to create. Let’s Create Art Not War!

Each NFT unlocks - Exclusive NFT Art Collector Content Access - Ticket Access to Events - Discounts on Hand-Made Artworks at - The Chance to Receive Free NFT Drops

80% of Each NFT Sale will go to Choose Love, a UK-based non-governmental organisation which provides humanitarian aid to, and advocacy for, refugees around the world. Find out more at: Once a purchase is made I will I will screenshot the donation and post it on Social Media.


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