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Cowabunga Cats

🐾Cowabunga Cats🐾 is digital art created by a 4 yr old smol artist who loves kitties. This gallery is her initiation into the NFT space. The artwork in each of the 9 series are limited to 9 lives (editions). Each NFT comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Artwork is produced at a home studio in Texas, where chill vibes, artistic talent, and tasty musical jams combine to form a trifecta of awesomeness. 🏠🎨🎵

This collection tells the epic story of one tiny human who was able to overcome her paralyzing fear of 🎢rollercoasters🎢 at Six Flags Amusement Park by screaming COWABUNGA until scary became fun, and fun became "lets go ride that again dad!"

The artwork process begins with an IRL original drawing or painting from the Artist, who then relies on her Papa Bear to transfer it into digital form. She then uses a special photo processing program to create and render the works into final forms using a combination of special effects.

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