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Cosmic Burger NFT

About this collection

ERC 721

Cosmic Burger NFT has dropped on the grill and is ready to feed the metaverse!

Collect 10,000 mouthwatering burger stacks with seven juicy layers and hundreds of curious ingredients. All this makes for unprecedented randomness, rarity, and a collection as big as our galaxy.

Available items10,000
Cosmic Creations

If you are into crypto and NFT collectibles, then you should check out our exciting new collection.

The Public MINT is June 28th, @7:00 pm (EST) via

It will be a fixed price sale so everyone can have a chance to own a Cosmic Burger NFT.

Load up your favorite crypto wallet with ETH prior to the big Drop. If you are new to NFT buying and trading, please reference this handy guide on OpenSea.

Visit this OpenSea Drops page on June 28th, 2023, to mint your own Cosmic Burger NFT.

Cosmic Ingredients

When I was researching ideas for my first generative art project, I wanted to respect the design choices of successful projects, but also elevate creatively.

The collectables scene has been dominated by animals and humanoids. Any food related concepts are also designed as caricatures to be relatable.

This frustration prompted me to explore the idea that the humble burger could be an expression of singularity, originality and gastronomy all in one. The very nature of "dressing" a burger has the potential to be a layered masterpiece or a gushing disaster. The undisputed variety of toppings and the placement in a burger stack screamed randomness and rarity to me. I imagined that any burger could become a distinct "character" even if it was devoid of facial features. An avatar for the stomach if you will.

I thought it amusing that the very format of a burger played upon the method of layering an NFT image with random data and traits.

For added taste, I infused my burger theme with a top secret, sci-fi sauce. This became the inception for Cosmic Burger NFT.

Cosmic Burger NFT

Cosmic Burger NFT is a unique NFT project with an emphasis on collecting and trading among peers in the Web3 community.

Everything about Cosmic Burger NFT has been created to increase variety and rarity. You will see that each minted Cosmic Burger has the potential to be enhanced by a fantastic assortment of food skewers, serving platters, robotic hands, pineapple halos and super rare cosmic edibles.

Each Cosmic Burger will also have a matching bun set spanning 7 levels of rarity.

The body of each Cosmic Burger will consist of 7 layers.

Each of these 7 layers can consist of vegetable, meat, condiments, and a variety of off-world ingredients. Finally, each level consists of 7 layers of rarity. Over all, there are over 200 hand drawn and digitized elements.

That is an unprecedented level of complexity for each artwork. which will add long term value to this collection for serious collectors.

Please support this new IP and join the Cosmic Burger universe.

Cosmic Burger Samples