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Corny CornPop

About this collection

ERC 721

These 6969 3D Generated Clay Bad Dudes took over a Year to Craft. They draw inspiration from the most Legendary Rivalry of all Time between CornPop and "Joe Hairy Legs Biden"

If you have grown weary of the establishment and its unchanging ways, stand with CornPop in resistance and let your voice be heard!

Every CornPop comes with their own random sidekick – the zany Demon Monkey, the Mysterious Bat, the irresistibly chunky Hamster, and of course, everyone’s favorite ankle biter: the Corgi!

Stay Tuned for the Drop of Sidekicks in early 2024

Items minted6,969
Explore Corny CornPop

The Corny CornPop NFT Collection is your gateway to an exclusive ensemble of beautifully crafted digital art pieces, each echoing the mesmerizing allure of the majestic cornpop. Immerse yourself in an artistic journey, where each NFT is imbued with unique characteristics and narratives, bringing the cornpop’s enigmatic allure to the digital realm. Dive in, explore the collection, and make each piece your own - an amalgamation of art, tech, and the whimsical charm of cornpop awaits!

10,000 Corny CornPops

10 Unique Species 4 Bada$$ Sidekicks 9 Vile Mouth Types 1 Rare Wicked Stache 9 Beautiful Eye colors 97 Backgrounds 2 Weapons 100 Outfits 3 Teeth Types 4 Eyebrow Expressions 67 Head Accessories and Hairstyles 56 Protest Signs