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Colors Unleashed

This collection was inspired by interior design, color combinations expressed in the design world, my love for joy and friendship, and inspiration from past custom art. I use the finest acrylic paints on canvas to create my paintings and I often use my hands, other small tools like palette knives, brushes, and also water soluble pencils to add depth. I enjoy the way certain colors work together and pay special attention to what colors pair best in a piece. It’s exciting to try new techniques and I like experimenting with canvas in different sizes. This collection as a whole represents the vibrant abstractions I create for my clients and for my own creative inventory. When a person looks at artwork they see whatever they want to see. I think that is the great beauty of artwork is that we all see the story that relates to our own lives. I hope this collection is a unique experience to each who views it.

Kate Baldock

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Jun 2021
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