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Collection 004/2021

Collection 003 is offered, with a total of eight photos of the exhibit with catalog number 004/2021 with NFT. The original can be purchased from me and sent packaged as a roll. Please inquire therefor separately about the price including shippment. Multifunctional art concept For me, multifunctionality means a flexible representation of my art. Flexibility in attachment and viewing. They can be one-part or multi-part objects and/or canvases. The idea that a work of art can be viewed from different perspectives was already manifested in 2018. The question arose to me, why should there be ONLY one way, ONLY one view or ONLY one angle to look at a work of art? Aren't there multiple perspectives on something that can touch our soul? If a viewer is standing in front of one of my artworks from the area of multifunctional art, there can only be one of a certain number of mounting options for attaching this artwork at that moment.

Feb 2024
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