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Cocos Beach Gear

Coco's Beach Gear is the first of 5 NFT Collections of Coco's Paradise Quartet Game. Each collection is composed of 6 categories featuring different artworks with varying rarities.

You own a quartet if you hold 4 unique items from four different categories within the same collection.

Rewards Quartet owners are automatically added to the whitelist for the next collections release. If you own a quartet in each of the 5 Collections you will receive a portion of Coco's Royalties (% of mint price & OS creator earnings) at the conclusion of the Quartet Game.

Conservartion 5% of all proceeds will go toward Marine Conservation efforts in the Caribbean.

Start your adventure by collecting and trading sunglasses, board shorts, bikinis, cool boxes, flip flops and sunbrellas to get your first Coco's Quartet.

Unique items
Total items
Apr 2022
Creator earnings