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Coca-Cola Pride Collection

The Coca-Cola Pride collection is a series of 136 digital collectibles made in celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community. The limited-edition pieces feature an exclusive take on the iconic Coca-Cola bottle with artwork by Rich Mnisi, fashion designer and a leading campaigner for LGBTQIA+ rights in South Africa. His commissioned design has been sliced into individual fragments and dispersed across all 136 collectibles, making each one unique. The collection aims to shine color-filled light on the LGBTQIA+ community's members and spread a message of Love.

To get yours, go to, import or create your digital wallet following the simple steps, purchase Polygon (MATIC) to mint and buy your collectible, and open it here on OpenSea to reveal your unique Coca-Cola Pride bottle. That's Real Magic.

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Jun 2022
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