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"Club Rare"-The World First NFTs for Limited & Rare Items

ClubRare uses non-fungible tokens to represent ownership of exclusive physical Items like Luxury Bag, Watch and many more.You trade the token without friction while the items remains vaulted.

At any time, you can redeem the token and receive the physical item itself, after payment of shipping/insurance costs plus any sales taxes if applicable.

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"ClubRare"operate by VitalHint Hongkong Limited sells Non-Fungible Tokens each representing claim on a specific Limited items, stored in vault at Seoul,South Korea. The ERC721-based tokens may be bought, sold, or redeemed

"Club Rare" is World’s First NFT based E-Commerce platform aiming to connect the real world economy to the digital economy. The goal of Club rare is to help people to find the appropriate value of marketable product in the real world economy

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