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About this collection

ERC 721

CLOUDMACHINE is an art focused collection handcrafted by Dave Van Patten. We are a small group of friends and family that are headquartered in Long Beach, California. Our shared passion for nostalgia, music and all things odd, has not only allowed us to introduce a carefully crafted genesis collection but also hand picked physical offerings available to our holders.

Our primary goal is to create various ways for collectors to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital. Given our core belief of connecting Web3 culture to IRL events we have partnered with CAMEO PASS as our launch partner and development team. CAMEO PASS’s primary collection features original artwork by Burnt Toast, Vinnie Hager, and Luke McGarry. Besides bringing the utility of various IRL events for their holders, CAMEO PASS released Daydreamers for their recent successful release, as well as Luke Mcgarry's art focused Genesis collection.

Items minted4,444
Welcome to the CLOUDMACHINE

Art is the mode of communication for us. Through that, our goal is to use art to connect the physical and digital worlds. Clouds represent a creative space for us to thrive, while the machine embodies our work ethic, heart and soul of creating these pieces we can all love and connect with. Welcome to the CLOUDMACHINE.

Meet Dave Van Patten

Dave Van Patten is a Long Beach based illustrator and muralist best known for his colorful imagery, playful surrealism and humorous tone. The bulk of his inspiration is pulled from dark humor comics, 1960’s surrealism, psychedelic garage rock albums, and modern societal absurdity.

About Us

CLOUDMACHINE is a handcrafted collection of pieces all of which were made with human touch, love and attention to detail. The 200+ characters and 150+ backgrounds were drawn by hand, scanned then colored and embellished digitally. The collection is non-generative, and all 4,444 images were thoughtfully chosen by founder/creator Dave Van Patten. Although some elements are repeated with various characters, all attributes are hand assembled to make every character uniquely different. As a fan of indie comics, cult classic films, retro sci-fi art, nostalgia and music culture, Dave has created a mini universe of strange, compelling, humorous, and imaginative characters and backgrounds that reflect these influences. We hope that every image is a conversation piece. Along with ownership of the NFT, we are excited to see the accompanying physical prints adorn the walls of our collectors.

Physical Prints + Original Music

Included with every mint is a free 12 x 12“ high quality, limited edition archival print from Static Medium print house of each individual NFT. Holder must claim print within a limited window of time to be announced via Twitter and Discord.

Shipping charges are necessary for completion, and subject to change based on location.

In collaboration with On-Chain Records we are releasing 100 limited edition picture vinyl discs. The vinyl release is securely linked to the Ethereum block chain via an NFC Kong chip. Embedding a Kong chip into a physical record transforms it into a crypto asset that can be verified on the block chain by scanning the record with a smart phone. All holders will receive a raffle slot dependent upon the amount of minted NFT’s and will be given a chance to receive this additional physical offering Once announced, winners are given a limited window of time to claim vinyl to be announced via Twitter and Discord. Each vinyl includes original tracks by Dave Van Patten, Ryan Williams, and Justin Morales.

Shipping and handling charges are necessary for completion, and subject to change based on location.

Future Utility

CLOUDMACHINE wants engagement with its community, URL and IRL alike. Whether it be thru an open gallery space to showcase new art or live stream events through our private site for holders only. The spirit of CLOUDMACHINE can be found in the efforts of expanding the culture of art and music for a more positive environment and communal experience.


  • Exclusive merchandise drops: holders only
  • One time run archival print drops: holders only
  • Unique collaborative physical offerings: holders only
  • Gallery space for IRL gatherings: holders only
  • Exclusive access to new musical tracks by collaborative artists: holders only
  • Platforming of unknown bands and artists
  • Pop-ups and live stream events for our broader community.