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Chrisantem.Art Artworks (Physical)

Chrisantem is a painter and analog black&white photographer from Prague, Czech Republic

You can visit his website:

If you buy any of these NFTs, you will receive also original artwork by DHL or Fedex! Shipping costs are included in the price of auctioned work.

About Chrisantem

There are numerous experiences with “shamanic master plants” (Ayahuasca, Iboga etc.) behind his work. He is using them for the healing of his body and soul because of the profoundly unfortunate experiences he had lived through. Chrisantem says that the artistic expression is a way of dealing with the shadows of the past.

Chrisantem loves to paint in the bigger formats using the acrylic or oil colours. Each canvas is formed layer by layer, taking many hours to complete. He does a lot of thinking & sketches envisioning the final result.

Chrisantem thinks that the creation of an art is a sacred state of being, completely thoughtless.

Dec 2021
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