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As a part of the social and psychological project #CHOMU (The word “chomu” means “why” in Ukrainian) adaptational resource center Barwinok in cooperation with digital artist Alexander Pryimak arranges the first-ever charity exhibition of NFT- collection in Ukraine.

The aim of the project is to draw the attention of the society to seven basic questions affecting our mental well-being, namely:

Why do İ envy to everyone? Why dont İ respect others? Why İ dont love myself? Why am İ jealous of everyone? Why İ don`t know what İ want? Why İ am not confident? Why am I seeking approval from others?

All the funds raised will go towards a series of trainings, seminars, individual and group consulations and classes on mental well-being issues.

Official site of the project:

Alexander Pryimak is a Ukrainian digital artist working in the artistic styles of abstractionism and darkinism.


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