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Chill Bear Club Genesis

Chill Bear Club is a collection of 5555 CC0 generative NFT avatars, that enable holders to “chill” across multiple different metaverses. The collection features original in-house artwork with a cute bear theme.

(NOTE: OPENSEA HOLDER COUNT IS INCORRECT, as majority of bears have been staked in our $HUNNY staking contract)

The collection grants holders access to the broader metaverse via multiple interoperable NFT collections, featuring different art styles.

Starting with the Genesis collection, which features 2D art, the NFTs can be used as profile avatars across social media and other platforms across web2 and web3. Future collections will expand the art styles and metaverse compatibility

Staking of genesis Chill Bears will enable holders to earn $HUNNY, which will be used to gain access to future collections, including: Minecraft, Pixel, Voxel and 3D styles

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Apr 2022
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