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Children's Art at Care Shelter #StandwithUkraine

These artworks are children’s drawings with messages of hope and support to those defending Ukrainian territory.

They are created by many of the children who have sought refuge in the relative safety and comfort of the Care Shelters set up in Western Ukraine. These drawings were first sent to the army personnel as a personal message to them – and now, these drawings of hope and support are used to raise funds to keep the Care Shelters ongoing to provide temporary safe refuge for those fleeing the war.

All funds generated here will go straight back into the Care Shelters to ensure they are able to provide the necessities to the displaced individuals and families, and each child and their families will be informed of the impact of their works of art.

Upon the successful purchase of each artwork, you will unlock a special audio recording from the child artist about their artwork.

You can learn more about the Care Shelter initiative here:

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