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Chicas de la Muerte

Chicas de la Muerte is a collection inspired by the celebration of the "Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the dead). It is a festival of life+death in Mexico, a dedication to the deceased, it is believed that as long as we remember and celebrate them, their soul stay alive.

In this collection, each "Chica" represents someone who has to deal with the pain of losing a loved one. Each character is different as everyone grieves in their own way.

"As long as we live, for they are now a part of us as we remember them." ~ Sylvan Kamens and Rabbi Jack Riemer.

In loving memory of my brother (26.03.1987-03.04.2014), he would have been 35 years old this year(2022). This collection will consist of 35 1/1 artworks and each year on the 26.03(my brother’s birthday) one new piece will be minted.

Artist: Kimaya

May 2022
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