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Chef Boi R Doge

Chef Boi R Doge is inspired by two things I love very dearly, cooking and dogs! All work is done mixed media as I do the drawing in ink and scan to photoshop, future works may include illustrator and gifs from after effects, now also using procreate on ipad with stylus.

10% to charity!

Update July 31st 2021:

Our first donation! 12.7$ CAD to thhank you for voting! More charities to be donated to in the future as dog prices rise!

All NFTs are one of a kind and a piece will be made for each breed of dog with additional mixes to be included.

-274 capped pure breeds

-5000 capped mixed breeds

-10,000 mutt breeds

“The AKC recognizes 195 breeds, with 79 additional breeds working toward full recognition,” says Gina DiNardo, executive secretary of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

"They can take our jobs, they can take our freedom.. BUT they cannot take our food and our dogs!" -Chef Boi R Doge

10k MUTTS & first comic out now!

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