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Chalk Monsters

This collection was something I started with my Daughter to show her it was ok to go for your dreams and be different. She gave me ideas for monsters, helped me color them in, and we made fun content to advertise them together. Sadly my daughters life was ended in an accident by a careless Senator who took no responsibility or even apologized. A big, dark, evil mess sadly now surrounds her memory. We started this to try and bring smiles to peoples faces, a legacy I would much rather her be remembered for, so I continue to create in her loving memory, trying to bring some of the light she deserved back to her name. This OG Chalk Monster collection will always be hers as much as mine and each creation holds a very special spot in my heart.

The collection was supposed to continue to 500 Monsters but we got cut short when the lazy mint was abolished. Now they are very limited collection of 50 Monsters living in Chalktopia in fear of being erased by the evil Master Eraser.

Feb 2022
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