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Cesc Abad - Communal Living / Obsession

  • Simco Drops is pleased to present Communal Living and Obsession by Cesc Abad, the artist's first NFT and print releases. The prints depict animals and objects in dream-like settings, both from which the artist sources inspiration.

  • The artist's drop will start on 11/12/21 at 12:00pm PDT. The collector who acquires 'Communal Living - #1' and 'Obsession - #1' will also receive the corresponding physical prints signed by the artist, #1 from an edition of 40 courtesy of Simco Editions. Please note the physical prints are only redeemable once by the original collector of each NFT. ‍
  • The remainder of each print edition will be available via the Simchowitz shop, and will also be released on 11/12/21 at 12:00pm PDT.
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