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Carl's Cooking Club

The chef behind this project is a talented Swiss chef. He was quarter-finalist of the "best young Swiss chef" competition in 2016 and was given the head chef position of a restaurant beginning 2019.

End of 2021, he left his job to travel to DRC and Kenya in order to directly help the community.

With this project, the chef wants to promote a healthy, balanced and local diet. As well as helping towards world hunger.

So, What is the 𝐂.𝐂.𝐂𝐥𝐮𝐛 ?

It is delicate, it is exquisite, it is incomparable, and also spicy…

A place where community is like family, and where family counts the most.

The most is what you will get, the most recipes, the most help, the most support and love.

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Apr 2022
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