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Caldwell Gallery Hudson - Philanthropy NFT Project

Welcome to Caldwell Gallery Hudson's "Let's do good together" Philanthropy NFT collection. Perhaps the first ever of its kind in the gallery world, we are giving voice to artists of the past as, together, we endeavor to make a difference in the world of today...and tomorrow. Each NFT (minted and sold on the environmentally friendly Polygon proof-of-stake chain) purchase you make will be matched 100% by Caldwell Gallery Hudson, and that doubled amount will be sent to the crypto wallet of a top-ranked Environmental or Social Justice non-profit. Every little bit helps, and we are hoping the strategies on the blockchain and in the metaverse that our firm is utilizing will inspire other gallery world businesses to follow suit and envision their own strategies in this exciting new world of technological, creative, and accountability tools. Please join us on this exciting and impactful journey to a better planet for all.
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