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Busy Tigers

Busy Tigers

Busy tigers is unique digital collectibles. A limited NFTs Art collection chart the animal-human where the goal is to help safeguard tigers. Tigers are critically endangered and may become instinct entirely in the wild in couple of years. A symbol of nature’s wild places, these beautiful, powerful cats they play an important role in many ecosystems. Just 100 years ago, there were 9 subspecies of tigers, today only 6. Over the last century, tiger numbers have fallen by about 95 percent and tigers now survive in 40 percent less of the area they occupied just a decade ago. Only an estimated 3,900 adult tigers according to the World Wildlife Fund. Together we can create a better tomorrow for vulnerable wildlife and their habitats and conserve amazing animals and wild places. We need to protect large swaths of forest across Asia where they live.

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Jan 2022
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